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have fun, not frustration!

SEW: to unite, fasten, join, decorate, close, attach, repair or MAKE with stitches. A collection of definitions gleaned from many sources. MAKE is the most telling. The gratification of being able to make a pillow or a shirt or even just to make an alteration on your favorite garment is empowering. Sewing is not about perfect stitches. It is about many good enough stitches together to MAKE anything!

individual lessons

Individual lessons will be scheduled on a student by student basis at a mutually convenient time. If you want to learn on your own sewing machine or explore a special project, it is recommended that you schedule individual lessons.

group classes

Students with no previous experience are encouraged to complete Sewing Made Easy before moving on to other classes. Students will work on studio machines. All materials will be supplied UNLESS otherwise noted. Feel free to bring lunch for the day sessions. Beverages will be served.


SMB Stitches at The Studio of Martha Burns | 59 Edwards Street | New Haven CT 06511 | (203) 624 0571 |