SEW: to unite, fasten, join, decorate, close, attach, repair or MAKE with stitches. A collection of definitions gleaned from many sources. MAKE is the most telling. Sewing is not about perfect stitches. It is about many good enough stitches together to MAKE anything.

SMB Stitches combines a love of teaching, anything fiber, and the ability to create whatever you can imagine. Sewing, knitting, embroidery, needlepoint and weaving are all disciplines used to MAKE almost anything!

Classes began at Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT over ten years ago. Teaching six to thirteen year olds  sewing and weaving was a creative challenge. Parents of the students began asking to learn the skills their children were learning. And so began the classes at the Edwards Street studio.

SMB Stitches is a part of The Studio of Martha Burns, LLC, established in 1991 in New York City. The Studio is a design resource for those seeking innovative creative education. It is a place that encourages making things that brighten our days and comfort our lives. The Studio’s work has included architectural, interior, textile and product design and development.